New Waterford Minor Hockey Association Responsibilities and Code of Conduct - Coach


New Waterford Minor Hockey Association Responsibilities and Code of Conduct - Coach: 

May 30, 2018


Coach - Responsibilities and Code of Conduct: 


Coach Responsibilities

NWMHA Coaches will: 

1. Strive to accomplish the goals and objectives of the NWMHA. 

2. Act as an appropriate role model to all players at all times. 

3. Obtain the required training and courses needed set out by New Waterford Minor Hockey and Hockey Nova Scotia as well to ensure each co-coach and trainer have up to date training and courses. In addition, all coaches need to have completed a Criminal Record Check Form prior to any on ice activities. 

4. Always be prepared. Follow the guidelines in the HNS Seasonal Plans, Game Plans, and Practice Plans. 

5. Utilize allocated ice time as effectively as possible. If a coach has to cancel or reschedule ice, it is their responsibility to find another team to fill ice times and contact the rink manager and the ice allocator or an executive member about the change within 48 hours. If the ice time is left as “dead ice” the teams head coach will receive a verbal warning, a second infraction will result in a 1 game suspension and a 3rd offence will result in removal from the bench.

6. Instruct players in the game of hockey as prescribed by a program determined by NWMHA.

7. Provide an appropriate selection and variety of drills to develop self-confidence in players. 

8. Ensure that courtesy and respect is demonstrated by the coach with all team interactions and activities. 

9. Ensure that all players are properly supervised until the last player leaves the dressing room, and never leaving a dressing room unsupervised by a coach, trainer or manager before, during and after games.

10. Make every effort to attend coaching clinics and meetings as provided by NWMHA, at least one coach must attend a weekly coaching meeting with executive members to discuss any issues concerns or plans.

11. Advise players and parents of the required protective equipment and ensure it is being worn properly at all times. 

12. Ensure there are an adequate number of team jerseys for the players. 

13. Be responsible for distributing team jerseys at the beginning of the season and for collecting and returning jerseys to the equipment manager not longer than 1 week after the completion of the season. 

14. Ensure periodic equipment checks, and ensure that all players are wearing a full set of gear each time they are on the ice. 

15. Ensure NWMHA goaltender’s equipment (if applicable) is properly cared for as per the Equipment Manager’s Instructions. 

16. Ensure that all players attending ice times under his or her supervision are registered with NWMHA. 

17. Maintain control over players at all times and not allow unsafe activities or improper behavior both on and off the ice. 

18. Ensure that all doors leading to the ice surface are closed at all times during a game or practice. 

19. Report any areas of concern to the arena attendant, Manager, and the Risk Management Coordinator. 

20. Ensure that no player goes on the ice until the ice cleaning is completed, the referees have ensured the ice surface is safe and ready for play and there is a coach present. This means the Zamboni is off the ice and the gate is closed.       

21. Ensure that all players go directly to the bench in the result of an on-ice injury 

22. Ensure that the arena staff receives assistance with the nets after a practice. 

23. Familiarize themselves with HOCKEY CANADA and HOCKEY NOVA SCOTIA rules with particular attention to penalties and suspensions. 

24. Always treat officials and their decisions with respect. 

25. If a coach deems a player’s actions unreasonable, or offences to others that coach has the right to suspend or remove the player from games and practices, upon communicating issues with board members, parents and executive. Ensure fair and consistent discipline as per NWMHA Guidelines.

26. Make appropriate allowances for female players with regards to dressing rooms, as per HOCKEY NOVA SCOTIA policies, and ensure that HOCKEY NOVA SCOTIA policies are followed. 

27. Wear a helmet during on ice practices. 

28. Ensure proper communication with fellow team coaches and officials and hold regular parent meetings as needed.

29. Review, understand and sign an updated copy of the NWMHA Fair Play Policy.


Coach’s Code of Conduct: NWMHA Coaches will: 

1. Treat everyone fairly within the context of his or her activity, regardless of gender, ethnic background, color, sexual orientation, religion, political belief or economic status. 

2. Direct comments at the team performance rather than the person. 

3. Consistently display high personal standards and project a favorable image of hockey. 

4. Refrain from public criticism of fellow coaches. 

5. Abstain from and discourage the use of drugs, alcohol and tobacco products while involved with coaching activities. 

6. Refrain from the use of profane, insulting or otherwise offensive language while coaching. 

7. Ensure that the activity being undertaken is suitable for the age, experience, ability and fitness level of the players and educate players as to their responsibilities in contributing to a safe environment. 

8. When dealing with injuries, consider the player’s future health and wellbeing foremost. 

9. Regularly seek ways of increasing professional development and self-awareness. 

10. Co-operate with the player’s parents and legal guardians, involving them in the player’s development. 

11. Ensure the safety of the players with whom you are working with. 

12. Respect player’s dignity; verbal or physical behaviors. This may constitute harassment or abuse which are always unacceptable. 

13. Treat opponents and officials with respect in victory and defeat. 

14. Create an atmosphere of SPORTSMANSHIP and RESPECT at all team functions. 

15. Never advocate or condone the use of drugs or other banned performance enhancing substances. 

16. Coaches must sign the Coach’s code of Conduct, acknowledging they have read and understood its content, and return the signed copy to the Coach Coordinator and Executive members. 


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