Appropriate music policy


NWMHA Appropriate Music Policy 

The NWMHA Appropriate Music Policy will encompass an inherent protocol with regards to aged appropriate music through audio devices. Coaches and managers should monitor songs for explicit language and content appropriate videosduring games, practices, warm ups and all other NWMHA sanctioned events.
This policy will be applicable to all members of New Waterford Minor Hockey Association (NWMHA) including executive members, coaching & bench staff, teams, NWMHA members, on-ice and off ice officials, players, players’ family members and supporters.
NWMHA recognizes and appreciates the value of music prior to games in order to encourage team bonding, game excitement and social structures. NWMHA respects the right of all teams and association personnel to express their music publiclyhowever within the confines of this policy.  At the same time, we must be aware of the dangers that inappropriate music, pseudonyms, gestures and statements music can present.
The purpose of this policy is to educate the NWMHAcommunity on the risks of social media/explicit music and to ensure all NWMHA community members are aware that conduct deemed to be inappropriate will be subject to disciplinary action by the NWMHA Executive.
When listening to music and media, the NWMHA community should assume at all times that they are representing all members of the Association, the Association itself and NWMHA’s Governing Associations.  All members of the NWMHA should remember to use the same discretion withother social media platforms and networking (e.g. texting, posting pictures and/or messages online, participating in discussion or chat forums etc.) as they do with sharing their music.