NWMHA Alcohol / Drugs / Tobacco Policy



October 31, 2018

NWMHA expects players to strictly adhere to all laws governing the use of alcohol, drugs & tobacco (including chewing tobacco and vaping). Should a player break the law and participate in the use of any alcohol, illegal or performance enhancing drug, or tobacco product during a NWMHA event (i.e., practice, league game, exhibition game, tournament or playoff game or another team function) he or she is subject to suspension or dismissal from NWMHA. NWMHA will follow a zero-tolerance policy regarding these items and fully expects all players to represent the NWMHA association with respect and act as role models within our community. This includes any vaping devices. No player shall vape, consume alcohol, drugs or tobacco on New Waterford and District Community Centre grounds. 

Coach’s/Parents are to be advised of the following protocols: 

• The Coach informs the parent of the incident; coaches will continue supervisory duties until the player is released from the coaches care and to the parent or guardian.

• The Coach has the authority to remove a player from team activities at any given time if they suspect reasonable cause.

• The Coach informs the authorities should the incident warrant a criminal investigation 

• The Coach documents the incident 

• The Coach forwards the documentation for filing/action with the Association 

• The Coach ensures that reports and specific circumstances are kept within the parent and Association. At no time are any proceedings made public. 

• One or more members of the coaching staff shall meet, as soon as practical with the player and a parent to review the reasons for the removal from activity 

• Suspension of the player is at the direction of the Association 

• If the decision is to seek suspension, the coaching staff, as soon as practical, informs the player and a parent and refers the matter to the Association. It is strongly encouraged that, should the incident or resulting actions be disputed, the parties to the dispute seek a resolution through direct discussions or through voluntary mediation with the Association.